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Success is North of Failure

Taking the leap

Well, more like re-taking the leap.  I actually started an attempt a couple of years ago but quickly got caught up in the trials and tribulations of that dread “real world” and never got very far.  But here I am, determined to give it a real go this time, since my brain needs a challenge both creatively and intellectually.  I write for a living, but that’s far different from writing for myself.

Anyway, I thought that blogging my experiences might serve two purposes:  one, it would be interesting to look back on, and hopefully interesting for anyone that happens to come across it; and two, it may help keep me on track, since I am notoriously flaky and tend to get completely obsessed with things just to get bored a few days later.  So that’s that – this blog’s raison d’etre.



March 27, 2008 - Posted by | Uncategorized

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